Don’t forget Tulsi Gabbard!

Editor’s Note: Another in our series of personal statements of support from readers for Democratic presidential candidates. While she is far behind in the polls, Tulsi Gabbard has not suspended her campaign and will appear on the ballot in the Super Tuesday primary vote Mar. 3.

By Sandra Allen:

I am reaching out because of the lack of diversity in our Democratic presidential candidates for 2020. I recently joined to volunteer with Tulsi Gabbard 2020 Presidential Campaign. I truly believe that she has the right qualifications, insight and wisdom to lead this nation.

Tulsi is opening doors for future leaders, standing strong and helping to bring about change in a positive manner.  She has not burned bridges during her campaign. She is a brave candidate who will open the doors for future minority leaders that will help bring change and fulfill the vision of Martin Luther King, a great icon of civil rights.

It is for our future and for our next generation that we need to help bring bright smart, thoughtful leaders to United States leadership.

Some features of Tulsi Gabbard:

  • She is a young leader
  • She is a minority (Hawaiian)
  • She is a woman
  • She is wise
  • She is compassionate
  • She is strong
  • She is hardworking
  • She is an ethical leader
  • She has shown courage in Congress and the military
  • She doesn’t shy away from conflicts
  • She has made decision that now are seen as positive
  • She is a leader that can unite the US population
  • She has shown restraint not following trends
  • She has spoken truth to power without fear
  • She has shown ability to multi-task and be effective
  • She seeks peace
  • She has vision of her own, unlike many of the other candidates
  • She is not a follower but a leader
  • Above all, she is fighting for our core values

Tulsi has everything for our progressive agenda and for future growth. She has proven to be a leader and fighter, and has clearly shown she is the future of the Democratic Party.  She has stood against waves of attacks on her patriotism.  She has shown stamina without fracturing relations. She is a quick thinker who knows her constituents. Unlike others, she is not pretending to be someone she is not.

While Bernie brought out our voices, we need to look out towards the future, at least 10 to 20 years.  Tulsi is the right leader at the right time for a progressive vision. We need young leaders that are able to understand the new wave of technology while still making worldly decisions. We need to elect leaders that will make common sense decisions and not allow un-elected “leaders”  to decide for them.

Tulsi stepped up to challenge contenders and open opportunities for others.  This is the type of woman leader we need at the top. I certainly relate with her and support her fight to be heard and bring change to a political party that is not inclusive and not open to ideas.

As a Hispanic woman, I would like to see a minority woman at the top of Democratic leadership.  If we expect the Democratic Party to change, we need to support diversity in our candidates.

We have been working bees for the ruling class and have not seen the right changes in our lives or the lives of our children.  We can’t continue to sabotage our futures by electing unqualified leaders that are out of touch and have not shown true understanding of our concerns.  We are here because they fail to change the culture and environment that oppresses our communities. After serving for decades in public office, they will not change overnight.

I hope you have an open mind to see beyond political power. Give Tulsi an opportunity to be heard. Please visit her website


Sandra Allen is a mother of two in Fairfax County public schools and previously worked in various positions in support of the Department of Defense. She has applied to join Hunter Mill District Democratic Committee.



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